Nick Ferris through the years

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Southampton, Nov 2013 2014
Mr Kyp's Graham Twist Mr Kyp's Nick and Eric Bibb Salisbury 06
Mr Kyp's Nick and Eric Bibb, June 2008 Salisbury, 2006 - more photos
Whole Lotta Led  Elgin Elgin Geoff in the Limo Carling Academy Glasgow Carling Academy crowd
Whole Lotta Led, Elgin, Aug 06 (RS) Geoff at John O'Groats (NF) Carling Academy Glasgow, 3 March 06 (RS)
Buddy Guy Birkenhead Whole Lotta Led Geoff and Nick Whole Lotta Led Ilkley
Buddy Guy (NF) Wrexham Whole Lotta Led, Ilkley
Graham Twist at Birkenhead Lee Addison, Gloucester Guild Hall Lee and Nick at Gloucester Guild Hall Nick Ferris, Ilkley Scotland 2005
Moby Dick, Birkenhead (RS) Gloucester Guild Hall, Dec 05 (HB) Ilkley The band with Bill Elliot, Binniemyre Guest House, Galashiels, 2005.
Bath by the river Van with Jane Austen figure Nick, The Pavilion Nick and Hilary, Bath Pavilion Nick, Sam & Van, The Crescent
Afternoon tea - Hil, Van, Sam and Nick Van Wilks, Texan guitar-player, at Jane Austen centre
Bath, June 05 (HB)
Bath Pavilion (SB) Nick, Sam & Van at
The Crescent, Bath (HB)
Paul & Barry Drums_2 The Met, Bury Geoff Nick Bury Nick Ferris
scaring Paul and Barry, sound engineers, Scotland 05 (AR) The Met, Bury, Apr 05 (RS)
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Manchester Academy
March 05 (RS)
High Wycombe Town Hall Nick_hermit Swindon  Nick Ferris Swindon Nick Ferris South Shields
High Wycombe Town Hall,
March 05 (RS)
Nick, on the
theremin, with
hermit backdrop (RS)
Wyvern Theatre,
Swindon, Feb 05 (HB)
Customs House, South Shields,
Jan 05 (RS)
South Shields Customs House Bierkeller, Bristol Nick Ferris twin neck Nick Ferris Stairway to Heaven Nick Ferris
Customs House, South Shields, Jan 05 (RS) Bierkeller,
Bristol,Jul 04 (RS)
Stairway to Heaven
on Gibson Twin Neck,
Mr Kyp's, Poole, 22 Dec 04 (Courtesy of Mr Kyp's)
Queen's Hall, Narberth, Oct 04
Nick Ferris Mr Kyp's Nick Ferris Mr Kyp's  Nick Ferris Mr Kyp's Nick at Poole Dec 04 Nick Ferris Mr Kyp's
Mr Kyp's, Poole, Sep 04 (Courtesy of Mr Kyp's) back to top  
Van Wilks and Nick SRV statue Sam Browne and Nick Ferris Wimberly, Texas Nick Poole Dec 04
with Van Wilks (HB)
Stevie Ray Vaughan statue (HB) Sam and Nick at Koko's Hideaway (HB) Hill Country Guitars, Wimberly, Texas (HB) Mr Kyp's
Austin, Texas 2004  
Whole Lotta Led Mean Fiddler Whole Lotta Led old line-up Dik Chandler Geoff Hunt Rod Davies Roy Harper Nick Ferris Paddy, Connelly's owner Spies in the Sugar
In Whole Lotta Led at Mean Fiddler, London, Feb 04 (RS) Mean Fiddler, London, Feb 04 (RS) Whole Lotta Led, 1998, early line-up, Roy Harper (centre) Connelly's, Leap,Ireland
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Spies in the Sugar logo in the Sugar, 1988

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Chevrolet logo

Dutch newspaper cuttings
France Poster Deep Down South single cover
1984, third line-up (Nick and Geoff at the back of the photo)  - listen to tracks Chevrolet news
Holland, 1984
Lambersart, France, 1983, sent in by collector
Chevrolet's second single, 1983, written by Nick
Chevrolet Chevrolet - Leaving UK for Netherlands Chevrolet newsclip Nick in Chevrolet Chevrolet news
Chevrolet, second
line-up, 1983 (can you spot Nick and Geoff?)
Chevrolet newsletter, 1982 back to top Wilts & Glos Standard, 1982 Nick in Chevrolet,
see review
, 1982
newsletter, 1980
(first line-up)
Tetbury news 1980 chevrolet single Drive Me Wild single cover Chevrolet Nick Crepes'n'Drapes
news about
Chevrolet, 1980
Chevrolet's first single, 1980 Drive Me Wild CD, 2004
Listen to tracks
Chevrolet 1980, (can you spot Nick and Geoff?) Nick in Crepes 'n' Drapes 1979
Nick early 70s Nick's first band School photo Nick as a baby
Johnny Sticks, Crepes 'n' Drapes 1979 1976 Nick with Bern Gardiner,
Sea Resin, 1972
Sir William Romney
School, Tetbury
Nick, Tetbury Carnival 1952

Photos taken by Rick Stivrins (RS), Nick Ferris (NF), Hilary Browne (HB), Sam Browne (SB) , Ali Rickman (AR), Andrew Ferris (AF). back to top