Chevrolet logo Nick originally began playing in cover bands around Gloucestershire, UK, before playing original rock music with Berlin, then toured on the rock 'n' roll-rockabilly music scene throughout Europe as part of Crepes and Drapes and Chevrolet.

Spies in the Sugar logo By the end of the 80s Nick had returned to playing lead guitar in the Stroud-based band, Spies in the Sugar, also playing on recording sessions for jingles and radio stations. In '94 he put together his own band, to play the music of his all-time favourite rock band, Led Zeppelin.

Nick and Geoff of Berlin and Chevrolet put together what was to become Whole Lotta Led.

After twelve years with the same line up (and having just beaten the length of time Led Zeppelin were together), Whole Lotta Led have undergone a change in line-up. In comes Lee Pryor on vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica, David Wykeham-George on keyboards/2nd guitar/vocals and Charlie Hart on drums to join remaining founder members Nick Ferris on lead guitar/acoustic guitar/theramin and Geoff Hunt on bass guitar and mandolin.

The band can now recreate the sounds of Led Zeppelin’s original studio albums to an astonishing level of musicianship. From humble beginnings seventeen years ago the Gloucestershire based band have progressed to playing major venues throughout the country.